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     Click here to see the special 16 ft. driftboat package. This package includes - oars, anchor system, under passenger seat storage,  one color paint, epoxy (coat it) painted bottom, gunnel guards, tackle tray, and a galvanized Baker trailer! Just hitch it to your rig and go fishing!

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Welcome to "Drift Boats For Sale." This website is the home of Diamond Back Boats built by Doug Camenzind in Veneta, Oregon.

diamond back drift boat
Here's Martin Thurber of Willakenzie Guide Service in his Diamond Back drift boat

Here is the standard 16 ft. driftboat package with free one color paint, bench storage, coat it bottom, gunnel guards, and a Baker galvanized trailer
for the lowest price in any driftboat package at $6,500.00! This boat is ready to tow and fish. It is complete! Click here

Lots of people at the 2013 boat show at the Lane County Fairgrounds. These folks are looking at the 17ft. Driftboat Special which comes with all the bells and whistles for $8500.00. Click here to see more of this boat.

     There are many aluminum drift boats for sale and I favor the Diamond Back drift boat built by Doug Camenzind in Veneta, Oregon. Here is my short story...
      In the beginning these river boats were designed and made on two Oregon rivers ... the Mckenzie and the Rogue. I have owned four drift boats, two canoes and two one-man pontoon boats. After a few years of being a fishing guide I settled for the 17 ft. welded aluminum drift boat because of it's toughness and easy maintanance. Most people who own a drift boat use it for fishing. Some people call these drift boats fly fishing boats. If you live in the Northwest you have probably seen these boats on your local rivers. I guide fishermen in and near the Willamette Valley, Oregon.The rivers most popular in the Eugene - Springfield area are the Mckenzie, Willamette, Middle Fork of the Willamette, Siuslaw, Alsea, Umpqua and the North Umpqua.
      Many people ask me which boat building material is best. For the Northwest it is welded aluminum. You seldom see an experienced fishing guide on Oregon rivers in a wood or fiberglass drift boat. Twenty years ago you saw more wood  drift boats but those days are gone. When I fish in Montana and Idaho I see lots of fiberglass boats but the rivers in that area are not like ours in the Northwest. I can only ask you to take a look on the Mckenzie, Rogue, North Umqpua, Middle Fork of the Willamette and  you will see more welded aluminum boats than any other material. The great thing about welded aluminum is you can take it to fish in Montana but if you come to Oregon from Montana with a fiberglass drift boat and float the wild section of the Rogue River ...Look out!
Diamond Back Boats - Doug Camenzind - drift boat manufacturer - drift boats for sale

     Today I own a Diamond Back Boat built by Doug Camenzind who makes them out of his home shop in Veneta, Oregon just west of Eugene-Springfield. Because he works out of his home shop his overhead is low and his prices are the best around. He makes them one at a time. And why would you want to buy a used drift boat when you can get brand new drift boat for the same price some people are asking?
      When we talk of the word "custom" in boat building -- Doug is truly custom and he will work with you to build your boat to your preference. He has his own special designs but will modify his design to suit your taste. For example if you want more slope on the bottom (rocker) he will build you what you prefer. Not all  drift boat builders are willing do this. One thought about more rocker ... if you plan on using an outboard motor often as in case of those Roseburg, Oregon guides ... go for the standard Diamondback design with less rocker than some of the other drift boats in the market. Less rocker will make it easier to stay in line while you are back trolling.

  My 1981 Keith Steele wood  boatkeith steele drift boat
             My 1993 Willie Boat    willie drift boats
       My 1983 Diamond Back Boatdiamond back driftboat
  My current 2003 Diamond Back Boatulla hacker on the middle fork of the willamette river

November 23, 2016

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